Storyline 360 Content Library Slides States Issue

Sep 17, 2021

Has anyone else experienced issues with the Content Library slides? When I pull in Content Library slides with text that has states, the states are not functioning automatically. They pull in with correct Visited and Hover states, but the Normal state is blank. On some templates, when you enter in text in the Normal state, the Selected switches to the new text, but the Hover does not. On others, changing the normal text does nothing and the others must be changed independently. This is an inconvenience for me, someone who knows Storyline, but we are looking to role out 360 use on a broader scale at my company and to scale quickly, want to instruct people to use Content Library slides. People unfamiliar with Storyline are going to have a hard time using these slides. Is this a known issue? Is there a roadmap for when it will be fixed? 

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