Storyline 360 course opening in Windows Media Player

I have a published course for my LMS.  I have linked the manifest and start page, but when I go to open the course, it is trying to open in Windows Media Player which then causes an error.  Has anyone ever experienced this?  Does anyone know what might be happening?  Typically in our LMS, it will open in a separate window and then play. 

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Brandon Ritter

I have not.  We are currently in the trial with Storyline 360 to see how it would work.  There has not been a designer here for some time and they utilized Dream Weaver to author courses years ago.  According to the LMS notes, Storyline 360 should work, just isn't for me at the moment.  This is happening in all browsers. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Brandon,

Have you checked to see if your computer is set to open .html files in a particular way? That could be why it's directing to the Windows Media player vs. staying within the browser.

Also, make sure you're uploading the entire contents of the published output folder to your LMS. It'll need all those files and folders in the same structure to play back properly. If you wanted to test it in another environment, you can also upload to SCORM Cloud - it's free up to 100mb and really easy to test as a SCORM standard.