Storyline 360 course won't submit after updating from 1.2


I'm in the midst of updating some old course files for a client as the courses were last updated in 2015 using Storyline 1.2. The goal is to republish these courses without Flash so they continue to work (I work for the LMS vendor and this is a side project for a client - I am a beginner when it comes to Storyline). 

I upgraded the file and changed the publishing format to HTML5 only. I did not make any other changes, but now once I complete the final test, the course just hangs with a spinning wheel and will not display the results slide or submit a complete status to the LMS. I get the same issue when previewing in Storyline so I'm fairly certain it's not the LMS. 

The original files seem to have a number of complex conditions, variables, triggers, etc. to display certain result information and I am a newbie so I'm not sure where to start looking to fix this.

Is it possible the update is causing this and I need to make adjustments? If so where should I be looking? I've attached the file if anyone is interested in taking a quick look. 




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