Storyline 360 Crashes when Adobe Illustrator is Open

Apr 17, 2020


I am hoping somebody could me out on my issue with Storyline 360.

I am using the trial version (planning to purchase at the end of my trial period) and it keeps crashing when Adobe Illustrator is open. I usually have to save my work every time I make changes, because if not, I'll have to redo everything that was lost. When I am in my development mojo flow, I usually forget to hit save.

This issue never happened with Storyline 3.


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Kenneth Villaruz


I had that suspicion too and monitored cpu & ram performance on my 2nd monitor while doing work on both software (see attached) but CPU (Ryzen 5 2600) is at 5 to 15% and RAM (16gb 3000Mhz) 40 to 50%.

It only happens when I toggle between Storyline and Illustrator.

Peter Moore

That’s an interesting (although unwanted) discovery re SL crashing when another program is open.  Reminds me of a problem I experienced with Storyline several versions ago where the media library function in SL wouldn’t work when my system had ‘google file stream’ installed. I had to remove file stream for the media library functionality to return. Not sure if this is still a problem with the latest version of SL as I’ve never re-Installed file stream again on that machine. 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Kenneth,

Thank you for popping in to share what you were experiencing with Storyline 360. 

I am not aware of any performance issues with the latest build, which is Build 3.38.21861.0. Installing a previous version does repair any installation issues. Were you able to take a look at the latest install again to see if you're experiencing the same issues with a clean installation?