Storyline 360-Custom Player Frame (SDK Package)

Hi There,

One of my staekholders was asking me if I could use our logo for the player frame instead of a color palette. I want to know if the Articulate SDK can be used successfully in Storyline 360 to create a custom player frame.  I know it was created to be used with Storyline 2.  Just wanted to check to see if it works before I try to download and use unnecessarily. 



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Michael Anderson

Save your current player and then import the attached file as a new player, all done from the player settings. You will see that the Chromeless player eliminates the header, menus, everything around your course. You can then design your own menu etc within the course window itself.

Kelly C

Hi Leslie, is this in the pipeline for development or is there any possibly of this feature being implemented in the future?

Currently, the player design is extremely limiting in themes and certain feature sets that are available from other course development software and our company is looking at other venues that allows more control over development