Storyline 360 Desktop Player Cut off

Sep 19, 2017

Hi Everyone,

I upgraded a Storyline 2 project to 360, and now when I produce it for the web the top tabs in the player are cut off in desktop view.  I tested adjusting the browser settings in the player menu, but that did nothing.  I also tried to find the .css file to adjust the player there, but it is no longer located in the mobile folder.  Any suggestions on how to fix?



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Ali Goulet

Hey Jennifer,

So sorry that's happening- definitely strange! Thanks for including the screenshot, it was really helpful. 

Just to verify- this is happening while previewing the course in Storyline 360, correct? Are you also seeing it once the course is published?

Also, would you mind sharing your unpublished .story project file here so I can do some testing? You can add it to a comment as an attachment like this:

Really appreciate it!

Jennifer Ream

Hi Ali,

Thanks for your reply.  I am also seeing it once the couse is published (screenshot attached.) Due to the confidential nature of the content, I'm ataching a file with only the first scene. This shoud be sufficient to troubleshoot the player issue.

Thank you,


Ali Goulet

Hey Jennifer,

Thanks so much for sharing those with me. I do see what you're describing- not something I've run into before!  

When I imported your slides into a new file, the issue didn't appear until I imported your player itself in. So the issue seems to lie within that player. 

Try importing your slides into a new file and rebuilding the player from scratch to see if that does the trick!

Also, I have a couple more questions to dig into why this happened:

  1. Do you still have the Storyline 2 backup file for this course? If so, can I take a look at that to do some further testing?
  2. Is this happening with any other file you've upgraded?

Keep me posted!

Adam Hunt

Similar question/issue...have had a user comment that they are unable to see the full slide in a published lesson (created fully in 360), which is preventing them from continuing in the lesson (as it has cut off the button I created to allow them to move to the next slide). The player is set to display at the user's current browser size, and the player size is set at "lock player at optimal size." Wondering - if the player is locked at a certain size, (optimal), could that cause it to be cut off within a user's browser window (ie, if the resolution of their computer is less than my set story  size - 1024x768).



Alyssa Gomez

Hi Adam!

The setting "Lock player at optimal size" will lock the player at your chosen Story Size. If the dimensions of the browser window are smaller than the Story Size, then the player will be cut off. However, the user should be able to scroll down in the browser to see the bottom of the player. 

Are you finding that you are unable to scroll down and see the bottom of the player? If so, could you help me with a few more details about the course?

  • Did you publish the course for Web, LMS, or something else?
  • Where is the published output hosted?
  • What web browser did you use for testing?
Adam Hunt


That seems to be the issue…there is not a scroll bar when you resize the browser window down.

So, in answer to your questions,

* Course was published for LMS
* Course is hosted on our LMS
* I was using Chrome, but also seems to be an issue in IE.

The really odd thing – this is one of two related courses (which same the same structure and player settings). Once course does show a scroll bar, but this one does not.


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Adam - Not sure if you meant to attach your file here for us to take a look at. Replying via e-mail will not allow those attachments to come through. Be sure to click 'View' to pop into the forums and attach.

It also looks like your email signature came through when you replied via email. You can remove that if needed by clicking ‘Edit’ beneath your response. Here’s a quick Peek video if you need help.

Adam Hunt

No, I didn't meant to attach the file - it's very large, and proprietary. But, wondering why the scroll bar does not appear when I shrink down the window. I have another course with the exact same settings and the scroll bar does appear.

This is actually part of a larger issue we are having where users get stuck at random points through the course. I added another comment here

Crystal Horn

Hi Adam.  I replied to you in the other discussion.  It sounds like you've done some testing in SCORM Cloud as well.  Is this course the same one that is getting stuck for some users? 

I think it's best if we can work with you privately in a support case if you're able to share your files.  Our engineers can keep your files confidential.  You can reach them here.  We'll follow along too, if you decide to submit a case.

KIT Academy

Hey all - I encountered this this morning and I found the user's Windows 10 Display Scaling was set to 200% in the properties.  It was also affecting re-sizing the window. 

Once I backed it off to 150%, then the window started framing/sizing properly and the user could proceed.  Granted that 200% is very scaling, it would be nice if that was still supported...  Or is this a separate issue?

Anthony Erickson

Hi Leslie, thanks for your follow up response, my apologies for taking so long to get back to you!

Attached is a screengrab of our storyline player settings - we're using the Modern Player settings.  In terms of version, we're using Storyline360 and it's basically always up to date with the latest updates so it would have been the version active in the last fortnight.



Vincent Scoma

Hi Anthony, 

Thank you for letting us know! 

I see in your previous comment, you mentioned that the PC's display scaling was affecting the window size. To make sure I am on the same page, was the scaling affecting Storyline 360 or the published output of the course? 

If it is affecting the application, was the user interface elements not appearing as they should? 

Please keep us updated so we can help get to the bottom of this! 

KIT Academy

Hi Vincent,

Thanks for the follow-up, in response to your query - this is experienced when launching via our LMS (Moodle).  

We did some more tinkering over the last week and I think that this scaling issue appears to be a combination of both Moodle and the package.

Here's the configuration elements:

  • Storyline360 'player' version
  • Moodle SCORM package activity display settings

We found where we used different combinations of these settings, that the package seemed to rescale correctly (even on obscenely high scaling settings like 175%).

First thing - the Storyline360 player does NOT have 'Launch player in new window (creates launch page)'.

Moodle activity settings:

  • If we select Display package = 'Current window':

We access the activity and click 'Enter' to open it. It shows the SCORM package within our browser but the package height exceeds the viewable window and we get no scroll bar (screenshot 1-currentwindow-nopopup). So that doesn't work for learners.

screenshot 1-currentwindow-nopopup.png

  • If we select Display package = 'Pop-up window':

We access the activity and click 'Enter' to open it. It pops out a new window and shows the SCORM package within our browser but package has a certain height value beyond which even if I shrink the browser, the package does not rescale. That point, including player controls is about 680px (screenshot 2-newwindow-nopopup).

screenshot 2-newwindow-nopopup.png

Now we change the Storyline360 player to 'Launch player in new window (creates launch page)' with attached settings (screenshot 3-launchnewwindow settings)

screenshot 3-launchnewwindow settings.png

Moodle activity settings:

  • If we select Display package = 'Current window':

We access the activity and it shows both the 'Launch' button but at the same time it automatically opens the SCORM package in a new window. The window is 525px and will let me resize it down to nothing, scaling correctly with the navigation bars. So, not too bad (though I don't know why I get the Launch course button and it automatically launches) - screenshot 4-currentwindow-launchnewwindow

screenshot 4-currentwindow-launchnewwindow.png

  • If we select Display package = 'Pop-up window':

We access the activity and click 'Enter' to open it. It pops out a new window that is full screen and says 'Launch course' AND pops up another new window with the SCORM package. The package window is about the same size and will let me resize it down to nothing, scaling correctly with the navigation bars. So, not too bad (though I don't know why I get the Launch course button and it automatically launches) - screenshot 5-newwindow-launchnewwindow

screenshot 5-newwindow-launchnewwindow.png

So - this makes me think it's annterplay between the settings in Storyline to not open in a new window, and Moodle's new window settings.

Other than those comparative diagnostics, my web dev chops are grim - does anyone have any advice on trying to explore that further? Given Articulate is closed source, my initial thoughts on best way to resolve is to look in to the link-launching functions out of Moodle?

KIT Academy

An update on our side - we did some diagnostics and could see the container size had a height of 680px when the Storyline player was set to NOT use a new window.  So it would start clipping once the window got resized below that.

I'm not sure if that value setting is coming out of Moodle itself or via the player but would be good to see if anyone else can replicate it in other platforms, 

Our Moodle partner has managed to override that value setting using JQuery as a workaround.


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