Storyline 360 doesn't show when embed in a Web

I have created a Storyline 360. It's a Storyline with two slides.

I Publish as an LMS: Tin Can API.

I use this steps:

I have tested in ScormCloud and works fine, but if I process with the previous steps the player doesn't work.

Can you help me, please?

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Raúl.  Tell me a little more about your end goal - do you want to have the course play within an iframe on another website? 

Are you using SCORM Cloud to initially host the course, and then embedding it on a web server from it's location on SCORM Cloud?  And do you need to track the results of your learners?

Raúl Bordallo

Hi Crystal,

Yes, I need to play the course within an iframe on my website.

I use SCORM Cloud only for a test, to confirm that the Storyline360 file has a correct format and works.

And yes, I need to track the results.

I think that my workflow would be:

1- Create the Storyline 360, export as TinCan file.

2- Upload file to my LMS.

3- Visualize the file in my LMS. This is the step that doesn't work. I can visualize files created with Rise and articulate online tool, but I can't visualize files created with Storyline 360.


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Raúl,

Have you reached out to your LMS team to see if there are specific steps to grab the link and use in an iFrame? Typically hosting it within the LMS and having the user access it there is the standard method, but if you're looking to embed that onto a separate website you'll want to connect with the LMS team about any impact that may have on accessing or tracking the course. 

Here's some additional info on using Tin Can API that may help.

Raúl Bordallo


I'm the LMS team. I'm trying to use the Iframe. It works fine with all files created from rise (online tool) but it doesn't work with file stoyline 360 created with the desktop app.

I'm hosting the file within the LMS, I add a iFrame with the file as src of the iFrame. But in this case: "I have created a Storyline 360. It's a Storyline with two slides." doesn't work.


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Raúl, 

The directions to embed Storyline content into a web site are linked here, and they're based on publishing for Web. What would be different in the LMS environment is that the link you're to reference, i.e., "" won't necessarily have the same structure as the LMS can change the URL.  For example, we test often in SCORM Cloud and if you look at any of the invite links it's a series of characters, something like this: and then the course idea so it's not as clear what link or piece to pull. 

When you're using the Rise course, are you pulling the Share link into your web site's iFrame or did you also export for LMS? 

Hope that gives you a bit more insight, and perhaps someone in the community who has accomplished similar will be able to share here!