Storyline 360 Drag and Drop Displays Incorrect When It is Correct


I created a Drag & Drop quiz question in Storyline 360 and for some reason some of the drop targets are finicky and display the correct answers as incorrect. There is no rhyme or reason for why this is happening as it changes each time I take the quiz. It is happening to all of the users as well. However, one user is able to get it correct every single time. She even tries to drop it further away from the drop target to mess it up, but without fail, gets it correct as long as she is near the target. Can anyone help?


Thank you!

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David Tait

Hi Reyna,

I spotted a couple of things that I've updated and it seems to work now (attached).

The drop targets consisted of a mix of both the dotted rectangles and hotspots. I've removed the hotspots and made the rectangles your drop targets for simplicity. 

Initially this didn't work either as there wasn't a fill on the rectangles, so basically, unless you dropped the drag item on to part of the dotted line, you weren't hitting the drop target. I added a solid fill to the rectangles to rectify this. If you don't want a fill for any reason just knock the transparency back and this should still behave.

Hope this helps!