Storyline 360 - Drag and Drop Issue

Nov 30, 2016

I have recently upgraded to Storyline 360 and have just encountered my first issue. I have set up a drag and drop screen with and 2 drop zones and ~13 drag items. When you drag an item onto the correct zone it gets stuck to the cursor and does not drop properly.

I have played around with revealing items one at a time and letting items drop on incorrect drop zones, but to no avail.

I know it is still new but still any help would be appreciated.

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Steven Croft

Hello, we've had a similar issue with drag and drop reliability. All colleagues are on IE11 although versions vary. They always works in Chrome unfortunately IE is the company default.
Our issue is that for some people the drag items don't drop on the target no matter how casual or exact their position is over the dropzone when the mouse button is released. Rebuilding from scratch - don't copy anything from the 'broken' slide and we've even put them in a scene on their own - generally fixes it. Even then we had one that didnt work until using these settings.

To my only slightly programmer's brain it seems the setting options of "Return item to start point..." and "snap items to drop target" clash somewhat? How does it know it needs to snap and not return? Could that be a clue to the error? 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Steven!

We recently had an update to Storyline 360 that corrected this issue:

A drag item wouldn't always drop on a target in HTML5 output unless you clicked your mouse to release it.

Curious if that would correct the issue you are seeing as well. You can read all of the release notes here and instructions for updating are included as well.

If you need us to take a look at your .story file, please feel free to share.


I am charged with converting SL2 files into SL360, we have over 95 units to convert. I ran into an issue early on in this process where certain drag and drop interactions, when experienced in HTML5, are not functioning properly. I'm experiencing the objects sticking to the mouse and not dropping and when I click to place the object, I don't get any feedback as in the drop object is dropped incorrect or dropped correct. I submitted a ticket for this issue and was told there was a bug in drag and drop interactions for SL360, when viewed in HTML5, where a drop object with multiple states wasn't going to behave as expected. I downloaded the latest update which looked like it had resolved this issue but am still running into the same errors as described above.

Nisha Makan

I've built a module in Storyline 2 and have opened it in 360 to publish to Articulate review. I have a freeform drag and drop and I've set the down state of the drag items so it changes colour when an item is being drag and goes back to normal once being dropped. However in 360 the colour is only changing back to normal intermittently on being dropped. I've also found that once you click submit in Storyline 360 you can still move the drag objects afterwards which is annoying. Not having these errors in Storyline 2.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Nisha, thanks for joining the conversation! I'm sorry the drag and drop activity is giving you trouble in Storyline 360. Would you mind sharing a copy of the original Storyline 2 file with me? I'd like to have a closer look.

You can share it in a new thread comment, or you can click this link to send it privately. Thanks!

Marie-Pascale Nadeau

New to storyline ;
An external ressource built my slides, I'm correcting the slides after QA.

I have the same bug, but inconsistent behavior, it's crazy to deliver my e-learning module here.

The Drag and drop quiz works fine under Review, SCORM CLoud on IE11.

On my client LMS, (Maestro), works fine on my end, but not on client's computer.

I advise them to see aif their flash and IE are up to date.

Any advices?

Alyssa Gomez

Welcome, Marie-Pascale! You've come to the right place for help. 🙂

It's good to hear that the interaction works correctly in SCORM Cloud. Since it works in Maestro on your end but not on your client's computer, my hunch is that it's related to the browser your client is using.

What version of Storyline did you use to build this course? Was your client also using Internet Explorer 11?

Also, have you had a chance to reach out to the support team at Maestro? They'll best be able to troubleshoot LMS-specific issues.

Marie-Pascale Nadeau

Hi Alyssa,
Sorry for the delay, I got no answer notification.

I use Storyline 360.

By running tests we isolated the problem; it's all about the browsers settings : running the module on IE11 works fine on my end but not on my client's side, either on Review or their Maestro LMS.

ANd her colleague is also on IE 11 and runs the module without problem.

The only question remaining is why, on 2 modules, some drag and drop worked fine,  but not on the last drag and drop quiz of the module? A mystery.

Alyssa Gomez

It's a mystery, indeed! A great place to start is double-checking that your client is running the latest version of Internet Explorer and Flash. Beyond that, try resetting Internet Explorer to it's default settings. 

Since everything works correctly on your end and also on SCORM Cloud, I would also reach out to your client's IT team to see if they have any insight to share on this.