Storyline 360 Drag and Drop with multiple correct answers


I need help. I am trying to create a drag and drop question however its wanting to place the answers in particular order which I do not need. There are three correct answers and one distractor. The answers do not need to be in order. Does anyone know how I can do this? I included the file below. Thanks.

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Jerry Beaucaire
  1. Add a single hotspot square over the top of your 3 drop targets.  This gives you ONE target where there looks like there are 3.
  2. On the FORM VIEW, put all 4 of your drop items in the left column.

  3. Give the 3 correct answers a Drop Target in the right column of the Hotspot you added.  Leave the distractor blank.  This makes it draggable, but no target to drop on. 
  4. In the DRAG & DROP options above, be sure you select a behavior that works for you.  I like FREE, it makes things a little "loose".

That should do it.