Storyline 360 - EmbeddingInstaVR and having it interact with the Storyline page it is embedded in.

We are also interested in using VR in Storyline. Specifically InstaVR as a web object in a Storyline 360 page. Well we can already do that successfully as an object in the page that stands by itself, but not with the functionality of having the VR interact with that Storyline page.   That being we would like to have the InstaVR visually fill most of the screen and have a storyline generated checklist on the very right of the screen. As the learner selects each of the predefined clickspots on the 360 VR, the Storyline checklist gets checked off, one at a time until all checks are registered in the Storyline checkbox.  Anyone doing this type of interactivity between InstaVR and Storyline 360? 

And... what would be behind the nature of this interactivity?  Would it be some kind of javascript....?

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