Storyline 360 exporting results of a quiz

Hi, I'm currently working on online courses focused on the preparation for the University Entrance Qualification Exams. 

The first part of the course is a diagnostics exam, which I'm making on Storyline 360 as a quiz. At the end I have a results slide. 

Is it posible to take the result of everyone of the students that take the diagnostics exam and import it automatically into the schools online grading system? 

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Israel Nuñez

It won't be hosted anywhere, students will receive the course link via email and do it directly on storyline. The scores need to be hosted on this platform —  Inovat:

Is this possible? Or I need to host it in a LMS and then export the results into Inovat?


Crystal Horn

Hi there, Israel!  Here's some information about sharing your course with learners.

And you're right -- you'll host your course in an LMS if you need to get data about learner scores and completion of the content.  Storyline LMS output uses SCORM language to send that information to an LMS.  Other published formats won't be able to send the learner data. 

Let me know if you have more questions!