Storyline 360

I'm unable to download the latest update for for Storyline 360, getting an error 80070643. I tried everything here 


Also uninstalled SL360 & Articulate 360. Now SL 360 won't install any versions, as still getting the 80070643 error.

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Holly Dunning

Having same issue - very frustrating. 

For months updates wouldn't work.  I did everything here -

So I resorted to uninstalling Articulate 360 and reinstalling and that is the biggest mistake I have made.  Now it won't install at all and I need it to do my job.  I have worked with my IT folks who said this issue is likely on Articulate end.   I'll let you know what I found out.  Since you haven't responded for 21 days with what the fix was, that is worrisome.

Have also submitted a ticket.


Adobe, Autodesk products install just fine on a similar machine. For whatever reason Articulate refuses to install update out of no where. Articulate is becoming more and more buggy. Wish I have an option to port all my project to another software so I don't have to keep using this 360, which is still using 32bit. In 2019.