Storyline 360: Freezing/Crashing

I had about 20 small images on a screen I want to animate one at a time in succession - think of flags on a map popping up all over the place - and each time I have tried to highlight multiple images and add the animation - my project freezes and nothing can be done besides End Task (ctrl+alt+delete) - which causes me to lose some of the work. This has happened a few times with a few projects, sometimes costing me an hour of work. Any idea why this is? Or how it can be fixed? 

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Katie Riggio

Hi Jenna,

(Yikes – nothing is scarier than lost work!)

My hunch is that something may have happened during the original installation that is causing this freezing/crashing issue. Here are some helpful instructions on how to get a clean installation.

Additionally, if it is happening with a particular file - importing your slides into a new file is recommended. (Instructions here.) If is occurring with any/all files, a repair of your software is recommended. (Instructions here.)

I hope this helps!