Storyline 360 Fuzzy Screen Shots & Text

Hello! I am a new 360 user and am having issues with my screen shots and text becoming fuzzy and hard to read after I publish. While I am creating and previewing everything looks clean and crisp.

I've tried playing with the player size/ratios and can't seem to hit on the right settings to have the end product look the same as what's on my monitor. Right now I'm only publishing to Articulate Review. 

I've searched on the message boards and have read help documents on the Storyline 360 player and am still stumped.

Any suggestions appreciated!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jennifer,

What browser(s) have you tested the content in? I know we have an issue right now with how it displays in Chrome that our team is investigating and does appear to get (marginally) better in each Chrome update. So we're continuing to investigate what other fixes we could include in Storyline.

If you'd like to share a copy of your Review link here, I'm happy to take a look and give it a test as well!