Storyline 360 help

What is the best way for me to learn this product?  Should I go to another Company for help?  If so, what Company should I call for help?

I need help with learning to use this product.  I've gone through the webinars and slowed them down to try and learn how to use this product on my own.  I don't think that the webinars are very helpful to me. 

Why aren't the webinars designed to be more interactive where you can practice what they are talking about.  For an interactive learning platform it is sure weak on utilizing it's own material to learn how to use it.

I feel they need to practice what they are preaching.  I am not trained in how to use this type of software and I don't understand a lot of the terminology and instructions.  I really want to learn this material for my job but it is very difficult and frustrating. 

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Elizabeth Pawlicki

Hi James!  There are a couple of options for you beyond the webinars.  If you prefer something more self-paced I would suggest going through the Storyline user guide step-by-step which will walk you through all parts of Storyline 360 from creating a course all the way to publishing. If you'd prefer something more hands-on, I'd recommend taking a class through our partners at Yukon Learning!  They have a variety of options for both in person and virtual training classes which are all outlined here.