Storyline 360 how to access quiz score and save them to database


My quiz has 10 questions each with 10 points.  I would like to save quiz score and what user made the mistake to database(MySQL).  This was easily done preciously in Quizmaker by publishing in Flash output, but now we are publishing in the html5 output and I would like to find out how to do it in Storyline 360.  

So far, I created the Triggers to 'Excecute JavaScript' to call a function, 'storeQuiz();'.  Once I published, it added 'storeQuiz()' function to user.js file.  The problem is that I can't access the 'g_listQuizzes' array from there.  It said 'g_listQuizzes' is undefined.   So, trigger is working, but can't access the user's quiz data from story_content/user.js file.     

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Sam Hill

Ah, ok. I think you are going to need to look at your custom functionality to suit SL360. I'm not aware of a global variable that you can access in the same way, however, you can store information in variables in Storyline and then get and set using JS.

var player = GetPlayer()



Ayumi Taniguchi

Thanks Sam!

Do you happen to know how to set the quiz score to variable that I create in Storyline?  If so, would you be kind to show it to me?  Can this be done in the result slide?  (I'm setting 10 multiple choice questions with each values 10 points.) Could it be done without using the result slide?

I appreciate your help.