Storyline 360 HTML Output and WTF

Ok, so can someone please confirm something for me?

Storyline 360 has the ability to export to html 5 fabulously? Much better than storyline 2?

But, those improvements can't be implemented into a Storyline 2 update?

What are the other benefits to Storyline 360 other than the slightly improved html 5 export and new pink skin?

I was so excited for this announcement, and now I'm just pretty underwhelmed, disappointed, and a little confused.

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Matthew Bibby

Hey Dave,

From what I understand the HTML5 publishing side of things has been completely rewritten, which is why it looks and works a lot better than the HTML5 output of SL2.

Also, the HTML5 output is now accessible, which is great for those of us who need to develop eLearning for people who rely on screen readers etc. to access the content.

Given that this is a complete rewrite and presumably relies on other parts of SL360 (such as the responsive player), I can completely understand why this couldn't be implemented into an SL2 update.

Other things that have changed in SL360 are outlined in this comparison table.

Sean Tenney

Since Siba brought up the notes formatting, with 360's new HTML5 engine, the formatting of notes do not carry over properly like they did with SL2/Studio '13 HTML5 output. i.e. bullets appear, but the formatting is not correct, and bold and italics do not carry over to the notes.

Attached is a screenshot of notes from Studio '13 HTML5 output, and notes form Studio 360 html5 output (one is English and Spanish, but same presentation). Is there any way to correct this? I'm not a coder, but assuming this may have something to do with CSS?

Sean Tenney

Hi Ashley,

Yes I do have SL2/Studio '13 courses (files and SCORM) and those same ones converted to 360. Would you like to send me a link and I can upload for you to see/test?

I believe the HTML5 output in SL2/13 published the notes to images, where now it's HTML5, which requires CSS for formatting? Our current workaround is to remove any formatting in bullets since it doesn't carry over with the new HTML5 publishing engine (and also text formatting like bold, italic, etc.). However, it just does not look as clean without the formatting, and afraid some of our more picky clients may nit-pick.

I was thinking of having one of our web-developers take a look, but was hoping that you all may be able to provide a solution without me having to go that route.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sean,

We're happy to take a look. You are welcome to share a copy of the .story file here with us using the "add attachment" button and then it will be public in the E-Learning Heroes forums or if you'd prefer to share it privately you can send it along here. That'll get it into the hands of our Support engineers who will take a look.