Storyline 360 :: HTML5 output alignment issue

Jan 10, 2017


I just finished developing my first course in Storyline 360. Its great tool for mobile output.

However, I encountered couple of issues while viewing different outputs.

For HTML5 output course is working fine. But when viewed on desktop, it displays 1px thick line over the top of the slide in player, I checked in master slides of storyline the object was perfectly aligned, in-fact I over scaled  it to ensure there won't be any gap at the top of it. But the issue remains same.

On the other hand if I publish flash output everything is working fine.

I am adding two images below to show how master looks like and how HTML5 output looks like.

Master Slide

Master Slide

HTML5 Output

HTML5 Output

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Alyssa Gomez

Hello Parashuram,

Thanks for sharing those screenshots here. I tried replicating this behavior by adding a shape to the top of the slide in the slide master. I published the file with HTML5, and I'm not seeing a 1 pixel white line above the red header.

Would you mind sharing your file with our Support Engineers here so they can take a closer look? And be sure to let me know your case number so I can follow along, as well!

Parashuram Vhaval

Thanks Alyssa for the update.

I tried provided solution, and it worked fine until I imported my player xml in it. After importing player, same problem re-occurred. So I tried playing with player colors, and found that Player slide background color was the issue. Setting it to 100% transparent or changing it to same color as player, solved the issue in same file. No need to import it to the another file.

The issue was in player itself.

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