Storyline 360 Importing PPT not working

I am experimenting with the demo version of Storyline 360. I have tried to import several .pptx files into Storyline and they failed to import. I tried going through all the troubleshooting suggestions and am unable to find a reason.  I did notice that when I first click upload the PPTs show in the dialog box window, but the slide borders are not highlighted as they are on the demo on how to import and I cannot select them. I wonder if that is part of the problem, as if Storyline is not recognizing them.  I am using PPT 2016.


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Gail Burchfiel

Hi Ashley,

Attached is the error message I am getting.  I have tried it with two very different PPTs and neither worked.  When I clicked the find out why here link it took me to that troubleshooting page. I tried all the suggestions and it is still not working.

Leslie McKerchie

Hey Gail and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

I just tested this and I am able to import as expected.

We have some common reasons that your PowerPoint may fail to import detailed here.

Take a look and just let us know if we need to take a closer look at what may be going on.

I see that Ashley mentioned sharing your file and if you're not able to share here in the forums, you can certainly share privately here.

Gail Burchfiel

Hi Leslie,

I am using a new computer (Surface) and I admit I am still getting up to speed on navigating it and the applications on it.  So, it is likely that I am missing something obvious, though I am pretty sure all my applications are updated.  I am attaching one of the two PPTs I tested. I had to strip out the videos for privacy reasons, and this is a very rough draft, but I cannot find any reason in the PPT as to why there may be a problem.   Since you were able to do it successfully I feel sure it is user error. :)

Let me know. Thank you.