Storyline 360: Importing PPT slides with heavy amounts of screenshots - Very fuzzy!

Our courses use a vast amount of product screenshots that look amazing in PPT.  When I import them into Storyline, they are really fuzzy.  I have compression set to lowest possible in Storyline.  I assume this is being caused from the 16:9 PPT converting to a differently sized 16:9 Storyline file so that we can use the TOC on the left, but a lot of our first course built with Storyline is looking really rough and unprofessional.  Tips?  I'm even trying the zoom photo button, but it's still really fuzzy.

Thank you in advance.

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Tom Kuhlmann

Your original image is 817x604. The course is 720x405. That means you are scaling a bitmap image which will result in degradation of the image. 

You can set the story size up to a higher resolution so the image doesn't get degraded as much. Here's an example.

I set the story height larger than the image. I created two slides. The first has a scaled down image with the zoom option. The other is just the image. You can see it looks much more crisp.

However, you'll also notice that as you scale it in the browser the image quality can change. 

tim blanz

Thank you Tom, i'll do some resizing and testing to find our best size, and create a template from it going forward.  I did notice one thing in your sample.  When you go to full screen and hide the TOC, the zoom button gets stuck and the image has a hard time resetting itself.  It was stuck on top of the title bar a few times as I tested it.