Storyline 360 - intersect with motion path doesn't behave as expected

We've been excited about the new intersect triggers built in to Storyline 360. These, in theory, allow us to create some cool games/interactions that make use of 'hit detection'.

We have an issue though. 

Our expected behaviour would be that when a shape intersects another while travelling along a motion path, that it should be possible to trigger another move along a motion path from it's current location (if the 2nd motion path uses a relative start point).

This doesn't happen though. Instead, the first motion path is forced to complete (although even that jumps to the end point), before the next motion path commences. 

Please see this example. The oval has 2 motion paths, a standard "right" line path, and a relative line angled diagonally up. 

Is there a way round this. Is this intentional in design? To allow for proper gamified hit detection it should be possible to stop a current motion path in order to move off on another (relative to current position).

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Richard Hill

Hi Adam, Here's the work around.  Treat your motion path like a limit.  Make it a tiny distance, and conditionally test against a variable as it moves in an animation complete loop.  If the variable changes( ie. collision) then set it on it's new path.  This is the basic set up.  Hope this helps.  

Alyssa Gomez

Hello Adam! Happy to hear you're trying out Storyline 360! You mentioned that you'd like to have the possibly of triggering another move along a motion path when a shape intersects another moving shape.  Would you be able to add in a Feature Request on the ability to trigger that kind of motion path? We take feature requests seriously, especially given that we are able to roll out frequent updates to Storyline 360.