Storyline 360 iOS orientation blackout - landscape to portrait rotation causes project to go black, not load without a forced refresh

Feb 11, 2019

I am having an issue with Storyline 360 loading correctly in iOS when not in full screen mode. This issue does not occur on Android nor in Full Screen mode.

If the screen is rotated from landscape to portrait mode (or the reverse), or if I leave the browser for any reason and come back, the screen content is not visible as it should be - the background turns black, text is replaced by filled boxes where the content should be, title bars are gone, and more.

The screen appears as it should if the user goes to the next or previous slide or otherwise forces the page to refresh in their desired orientation, but I cannot tell customers to do that; I need it to work without forcing users to go through extra steps.

Is there a setting I need to change? Code I need to add? I need a solution.

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Sydney Wines

Hi Crystal,

I am running my course within LearnDash with Grassblade xAPI. Within my LMS there is an option to open full screen mode but most users do not click it, and the course works as intended if I do that.

The issue I noted in my initial post occurs when running in an iFrame. Below are the occurrences I've noticed so far:

1. When going through a course while holding my phone in a landscape orientation, the course (not the whole LMS platform) blacks out if I rotate my phone up to portrait. If I press refresh in portrait, the course slowly loads in portrait, but I cannot switch orientations again without the same issue.

2. When going through a course while holding my phone in portrait mode, if I, after a few slides, rotate my phone into landscape orientation, the course blacks out. If I press refresh in landscape, the course slowly loads in landscape, but I cannot switch orientations again without the same issue.

3. If I am going through a course in either landscape or portrait mode and click out of my browser to respond to a notification, the course is blacked out when I return. Merely clicking refresh did not solve #3, but going forward or back one slide did recover the contents.

Crystal Horn

Thanks for those steps, Sydney! I tested a sample course launched in-frame in Moodle, and I wasn't able to replicate the blackout by rotating, or by attending another app, either an iPhone X or an iPad Mini.

I see you also opened a case with our support team - good move.  I'm going to share the above details with Cleo.  Let him know how you make out with the reinstallation steps he sent you, and if possible, it may be wise to share a link to your output for testing.  I'll follow along in your case as well!

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