Storyline 360 - iPad and IE issues


A couple of issues my client is running into:

1. On the iPad Pro (iOs 10.3.3) they are unable to scroll through the menu.  I think I saw this was an issue and it was fixed.  Can this be confirmed?

2. On the iPad Air (iOS 11.2.5), there are screens that are blank. 

3.  In IE the screens are blank... this I believe may be related to the HTML5/Flash as fallback setting though.


Has anyone experienced any of the above issues?



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Vanessa, 

1. We fixed an issue where the "Notes wouldn't always scroll in HTML5 output on mobile devices" is that what you're thinking of? There is an open issue with the HTML5 output and the menu scrolling behaving intermittently, skipping too far ahead, when tapping the scroll button.  I've only seen one report/case of this so far, so I'd want to take a look at your .story file and course to confirm. 

2. Do you know what's on those particular slides? Is it random slides or consistently always showing the same blank slide? Are you using the Safari browser, Chrome, something else? Again, it would help to have a copy of your course so that we could test it out! 

3. What version of IE are you using? IE11 is supported for HTML5, so the screens shouldn't be showing blank. Are they the same blank screens you're seeing on the iPad mentioned in #2? 

If you can share your .story file with us, please upload at this page using the Add Attachment button. If you need to share privately, feel free to send along to our Support Engineers.