Storyline 360 Javascript Interaction


I'm working with Javascript in story_html5 of Storyline 360 but my custom functionality not work.

My custom functionality works perfectly in story_html5 of Storyline 2 but doesn't work in story_html5 of Storyline 360.

Only player.GetVar("val_name") and player.SetVar("val_name", "value") are working in Storyline 360.


My custom functionality that I want from javascript interaction are:

  • Get current slide information player.currentSlide()
    • title (Slide title) example: My Slide 1
    • id (Slide ID) example: 6eeggBml5DU
    • lmsid (LMS ID) example: Slide1
    • slideIndex (Slide Index) example: 5
    • ....
  • Get last slide information story.allSlides[story.allSlides.length - 1]
    • the same attributes of above javascript
  • Jump to any slide by id. Example player.showSlideID("6eeggBml5DU")


Please check the attached story to see my javascript interaction test in Storyline 2.

  • It will alert pop up with current information on each start timeline of slide
  • On 1st slide there is a button "Go to last slide by Javascript", it will jump to last slide.




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