Storyline 360 Jump Page Restarting after New Tab is Closed

Dec 18, 2018


I'm building a course that is being used as a jump page for other courses. There are links to several other courses from the page in my file, and each one is "locked" until the previous course has been accessed.

For example:

Course 1 (unlocked)

Course 2 (locked)

Course 3 (locked)

When the user clicks the button to access Course 1, Course 1 opens in a new tab and the button for Course 2 is set to change from a disabled state to a normal (clickable) state. If I keep the tab open for Course 1, the button for Course 2 remains in the new, normal state when I revisit the tab. However, if I close the tab for Course 1, the jump page reloads and asks if I'd like to resume the course. When I select yes, the Course 2 button goes back to the disabled state. This is driving me crazy, and I don't know how to fix it. Any ideas? I've loaded the file for reference.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hey Lauren,

Thank you for reaching out and sharing such a detailed description and your .story file so that we could take a look.

You have the triggers dependent on the 'click', and I think you can add a few more triggers to eliminate the issue you're experiencing:

I've attached your updated file for you to take a look. Let me know what you're experiencing when you upload it as I wasn't experiencing the original issue you reported.

Lauren Parker

Hi Leslie!

Thanks for taking a look and offering an option. Unfortunately, that did not work. It seems like the issue is that the "resume saved state" of the jump slide isn't being respected. Every time the learner closes a course tab to return to this jump page, the jump page tab is refreshing and resetting the states. So it's not registering that any of the buttons have been visited to trigger those actions set on the slide. I think the problem could be solved if that jump page tab wasn't automatically refreshing. I tried changing the setting so that the learner wasn't prompted to resume, it would just automatically resume, but it still refreshes the tab and reverts to the initial state. I don't know if this helps, but I'm publishing to SCORM 2004, 3rd Edition, HTML5 output. 

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