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Brian Cajutol

Hi Kristin,

This is a headache that needs to go. It seems you already did the steps to repair the app. Can you advise us on the following?

  • Were there any changes to your workstation's Operating system recently? Like an  OS update/upgrade?
  • Do you have a new/existing security software (antivirus/firewall software)? Did it recently get an update? I suggest turning off the security software you have temporarily and try launching the app after, just to test.

  If in case the issue persists, please try reaching out to Articulate's Support Engineers for further investigation. Please click here to submit a case.  

Kristin Jacobs

Hi Brian, thanks for helping me!  My company's security people said:

Please ask their support exactly what the app needs to connect to.  If they can supply a list URL’s or IP addresses that would really help.  The more details they give us the better, they really should have a connection requirements document, which is pretty standard.

Could you send me this information?  Thanks so much!  Kristin

Vincent Scoma

Hey Kristin, 

I am sorry that you are running into this roadblock here! 

May I ask if you could share a screenshot of the error message that is appearing? In the meantime, here is a link to a minimum system requirements list and what Network Endpoints need to be allowed for Storyline 360: Storyline 360: System Requirements

Please keep us updated on this process! As Brian mentioned, you can always connect with our support engineers if the issue continues to persist!