Storyline 360 - large test issues

I am attempting to create a test out option for a series of courses. I have 17 topics covered for a total of 118 questions. We are randomly pulling 85 questions (yes I know it is a lot.)

Anyway, I cannot seem to get the file to publish. It just keeps crashing. When it does the window pops up to submit what I was doing and I have. I don't know if the size of the file is causing the issue or not, but was wondering if anyone else has run into something similar.

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Karyn

a couple of things to try

  • Look at the length / make up of the filename - try and keep it simple and short without wildcard characters.
  • Create a new project file and import your slides in / saving and publishing - it may reduce the file size. If it still errors
    • Try importing a scene at a time and publishing - do you still get the error - it may indicate a corrupt slide somewhere in the file but doing scene by scene can help to isolate it.