Storyline 360 - last update and html5 output - bugs!

Hi everyone,

Am I the only one experiencing serious bugs with the html5 output (in particolar with Firefox) after the last update? I've been experiencing at least two serious bugs (for Articulate guys - see Case #01149267), that easily go unnoticed until you publish the course. Layers not appearing, audio not playing, trigger not working... take for example this case (.story attached).

It is a simple click and reveal interaction, I am 100% sure that everything was working fine before the last update of 360... and now if I publish and open with firefox - html5 version - only the audio is playing, and it looks like the content of the layers are being ignored by the browser.

Am I the only one experiencing this? It can be really serious - these bugs can hinder an entire course going un-noticed. I am sorry, I just have the impression that the SL2 HTML5 output was more reliable...

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Ali Goulet

Hey Dario!

Thanks so much for reaching out here and detailing this issue.

I see that you've been working with my colleague Lea investigating this. I'm going to link this thread to your case so all the dots are connected, and we'll be happy to continue working with you directly!

I'll be following along with your case, as well.