Storyline 360: Lessons can get buggy when republishing multiple times.

We are publishing in LMS SCORM 1.2 compliance.

Sometimes we will publish a lesson, stick the files on the server, try it out for a bit and then go back and make changes within Storyline 360.

After we publish again and delete the old publish data and recopy it onto the server, the lesson can get severely messed up for anyone who has already taken a couple pages of it.

Blank pages, all layers showing, text wildly misplaced.

I don't know if its a caching thing... Like the browser has the cache saved but doesn't recognize that its actually different now

Or if its a suspend_data thing, the previously used suspend data is no longer accurate and so passing it to the lesson to be used causes all sorts of fits.


Would love some feedback, thank you!

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Lauren Connelly

Hi David!

I can step in! To clarify, you're publishing the course for LMS and then uploading it to a server. When the course needs updating, you republish the course and copy it on the server. Is this correct?

If so, let's get started troubleshooting!

First, which LMS are you using and does it require you to import the course by using the zip folder? I use SCORM cloud for testing purposes and that specific testing LMS requires a .zip folder to add content. 

Secondly, are there two courses in the LMS with that same name? If so, try publishing the course with another name such as "ExampleCourse v2".

Lastly, clearing the cache sounds like a quick fix! Can you clear the cache and let me know if that does the trick?

Keep me updated so we can continue investigating why the course is not displayed properly after re-importing it to an LMS!