Storyline 360 Menu allows learner to skip


I published a Storyline 360 file into Review 360.  I noticed that although I've successfully hidden the "Next" button until the timeline ends, made the seekbar view only, and set that the slide advances by user and not automatically, a learner can still skip ahead by clicking on the title in the left-hand menu. 

Is this happening just because I'm in Review 360, or will that behavior happen when I publish to my LMS?

Can I keep the menu and disable being able to skip ahead?

Thank you,

Kim Dennis

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David Schwartz

Hi Kim,

You want to restrict the menu, which is located under the gear icon when you go to the Player tab and select Menu. Choose Restricted to prevent users from going ahead in the menu, or Locked to prevent them from going either ahead or backward in the menu.

Here's an article on it: (scroll down to Restricted Navigation).