Storyline 360 - Must Pass Quiz to Advance

Dec 04, 2017

I have a storyline project with three different quizzes throughout (one after about five slides of content, one after another five slides of content, and then a final quiz at the end. I want the user to pass each quiz before they can advance to the next content. But I want the user to be able to browse the content they have already passed. I have the nav set to restricted. But if the user just clicks the NEXT button in the lower right (default player buttons) they can just blow right through the whole thing (if they click the end of the seekbar and skip forward).I have the seekbar showing with the user being allowed to drag the seekbar.

On my results slide, I have no buttons on the FAILURE layer or the SUCCESS layer, but I have a Review Quiz button and a Retry Quiz button on the Base Layer. 

Will this tutorial do the job? I took a look at this tutorial, but what if you have more than one quiz?

We track our trainees in the LMS by Pass/Fail on the Final Quiz Results. 

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Dan!

The tutorial you linked there will work, but you may not need to use that method if you're using restricted navigation.

Instead, I would disable the Next button on the Results slide when the timeline starts. Then, add a trigger to change the state of the Next button to Normal when the Success layer opens. 

With that set up, the only way a user can move beyond the results slide is if they have passed the quiz.

Give it a try, and let me know if it works for you!

Dan Kelly

Thanks, that worked for the NEXT button and does what I need. However I have to keep the menu navigation set to Free rather than Restricted. Is it possible to make it so that the menu is free up to the first un-passed quiz? Then free up to the second un-passed quiz, then free until the final quiz. But the user must pass each quiz before they can freely navigate. I hope that makes sense. 

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