Storyline 360 - New Alert we are consistantly getting on LMS


Our team has made the transition from SL 2 to SL 360. Ever since this transition, we are having users get this new "Alert" box (attached) that we have never seen before. This only happens on our 360 courses and has never happened on any other course we have created in SL. Our LMS is Moodle and we are not sure if their is a communication issues between SL 360 and Moodle, or an error in SL 360, we are baffled. Any help would be great!

Some background:

Our users have been with good connectivity when getting this, on all different browsers, all different devices. Their seems to be no consistent way to have this alert come up, only that the course was created in SL360. Thoughts?


The Alert says: "The SCORM player has determined that your Internet connection is unreliable or has been interrupted. If you continue in this SCORM activity, your progress may not be saved. You should exit the activity now, and return when you have a dependable Internet connection".

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Michelle,

Sorry your users are running into this! I know it can be frustrating when they are seeing something you can't recreate yourself. I don't have much experience with Moodle specifically, but we do have lots of Moodle-users in this community who can share their experience here.

In the meantime, you may want to give your file a test in SCORM Cloud. This will help determine if the issue lies within Moodle or the actual project file. That would be really good information to take to your LMS support team.

Be sure to let us know what you find out!

Ali Goulet

Hey Dorin!

Thanks for letting us know you're running into this too. 

Have you tried running your course through SCORM Cloud to see if the same happens? That'll give us a better idea whether this is LMS related or file related.

If you can share your .story file here, we're also happy to help with testing. Feel free to add it as an attachment right to a comment.

Thanks again! 

Alistair Cooper

Hi all,


I'm having the same problem - working in storyline 3 on moodle, this message has displayed when uploading the most recent test version of the course (it didn't display in any of the previous ones). I've run it through SCORM cloud and it works fine there, so this is really I question for the moodle forums, but thought I'd see if anyone here had found any solutions?

Walt Hamilton

Just a wild guess, but the picture Michelle posted sounds like a slow connection that is timing out, especially if it is intermittent. It may be slow connection, slow processing by the machine running the LMS (SCORM cloud is pretty robust, and this wouldn't happen there), or a version or setting problem in Moodle.

Alistair Cooper

Thanks Walt. From looking at various moodle forum threads, I think the core issue is the server our moodle is on. I also noticed I had a .wmv video in the package, so converted it to mp4, which helped some. The problem is more pronounced on ipads.

The odd thing is that  v1 of the project had some similar problems (not pop up message though), then v2 worked fine, but then this v3 has encountered the problem above. The only change between v2 and v3 being the addition of a few layers and a couple of extra quiz slides: puzzling. I wondered if there was something in the ode that the different versions that just made it a bit more 'indigestable' (that's the technical term, right?) for moodle?

We have a plan of action now, at least.

Sandra Morton

Today I am experiencing this issue. On the 9 Feb I loaded 7 new storyline 360 projects into our LMS (Moodle). All have been running fine with no alert messages. Today an issue was discovered in one of the courses with a trigger not working. I fixed the trigger and reloaded the learning into our LMS. Now for this course only I am getting the alert message regarding slow internet connection. Very strange.

Michael Getz

Hi all,

Some of our clients are experiencing this same error with Articulate 360 SCORM 1.2 packages - most recently on a Moodle 3.2 platform. We're not able to recreate it ourselves.

Has anyone been able to dig into this further to see if there's something about Articulate 360 that's causing this?


Lisa Waechter

We have been seeing this for quite some time now (since we upgraded to 360).  At first we thought is was a connection issue, as it was only happening when testing on systems that we knew were slower.  But once we went live with the new versions of the courses, we had users telling us about this error, who had been running our previous version for more than a year without issue.

We are currently running Moodle 3.1.

Recently we did have this issue pop up on a new course here at our office (internet is stable and consistent here).

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Lisa,

Have you looked at testing it outside of Moodle or reaching out to their team? It seems the majority of folks in this discussion also saw it on the Moodle environment. You could look at testing in SCORM Cloud to see if you're able to recreate that error message in another environment too. 

kristian chartier

I realize that this is an old thread, but it's a pesky problem that anyone using Moodle for SCORM content is likely to encounter now and again. 

The scorm module in Moodle regularly pings the server to verify that the user still has connectivity. It does this by trying to hit /lib/yui/build/moodle-core-checknet/assets/checknet.txt. If the check fails (I think the timeout is 2 seconds), it displays this message. Essentially, it's meant as a warning to the user that their progress and scores might not be saved because Moodle thinks there's a connectivity issue. 

If you're getting this error and you're confident that there are no connectivity issues, then you've got a problem with your box. It has nothing to do with your Storyline file.