Storyline 360 not importing entire audio clip?

Jul 17, 2019

When I import any audio clip that is longer than, say three minutes, the clip gets cut off. I've tried to re-import it, but it still gets cut off.

What's weird is it gets cut off at different places each time. Also, when I try to create closed captions for any clips that have been cut short, the audio in the editor is super choppy.

Is there a time limit to how long audio clips can be in Storyline 360? How can I get the entire thing to play?

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Vincent Scoma

Hey Aaron,

Thank you for reaching out here! There isn't a maximum limit to the length of audio clips, odd that the clip is being cut off after importing.

May I ask if your audio file is being stored on your local hard drive or is it on a network drive? If it is on a network drive, this could be causing the unexpected behavior you are seeing.

We have some great resources that I think should help: 

Aaron Bauer

Thanks, Vincent. It was a local file. I was able to get Storyline to see the entire clip if I quit and restarted. I had to do that a few times while adding closed captions when the audio would start playing choppy. In those situations, the closed captions wouldn't end up saving with the correct time markers.

In the end, I just ended up saving, quitting, and restarting the program to get it to work.

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