Storyline 360 not importing some embedded audio from PowerPoint

Hi, My subject matter expert narrated his Presentation within PowerPoint using SlideShow --> Record Slide Show.  I then imported the deck into Storyline 360 and nearly all audio imported perfectly.  But a couple slides imported, including animation, but did not import the audio (it is not listed on the slide timeline).  I can workaround by importing audio separately, but wondering if there is a reason sometimes the embedded audio does not work?

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Vincent Scoma

Hi Will,

Happy to help! 

May I ask where the PowerPoint file is stored? If it is on a network drive, that is usually just fine, but it can sometimes cause some unexpected behavior to occur. If this continues to happen, you may want to remove the slides from your course, copy the original file to your local computer, then import the files again. 

Since most of the audio imported just fine, though, it may be best to import the audio separately this time. 

This resource will provide more details on this: Working with Course Assets

Please let us know if you have any questions!