Storyline 360 "Not signed in" error

My desktop app for Storyline360 will not open. I get an error that says "you must be signed in to articulate 360 (which I am) to use Articulate Storyline. I think click "sign-in" and I get another error box saying "there was an error opening articulate 360 desktop app". When I click "ok", I get excited completely. 

Any thoughts on how I can get in? 

Yes, I have tried shutting down and restarting. 

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Saadia Batool

Glad to know! Mine was also fixed with the help of support team sending these instructions:

"Can you completely close Articulate 360 (right click Articulate on the task bar and select 'close window' and then in System Tray, right click on the 'a' of Articulate and select Quit).

 After this, please restart the machine and then try signing in again."