Storyline 360 Offline Publishing

Good day all, I have a question regarding offline publishing of Storyline 360 content. If I understand correctly to get offline capability I have to select the AMP in my publishing settings and enable offline viewing.

But what if I am using an LMS such as iSpring Learn. iSpring has native IOS and Android apps that support offline viewing. So can I not publish my Storyline content for offline viewing in a different lms? I mention iSpring as an example but I will be testing various lms systems in the coming weeks.

Thank you

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Safety Team

I have a similar need for Offline Course taking for our field contractors.  We use the Litmos Platform that currently supports video only in their mobile app. They will be deploying offline for courses soon so I understand, but wanted to know if Articulate can support Offline course generation as well.. Thank you greatly.