Storyline 360 One Results Page with Multiple Scores

Mar 16, 2018

I've been trying to show scores (percent) for multiple sections/lessons on a single results page at the end of a exam story file. Tried to add the variables myself in reference text for each lesson with no luck. I did not want a results page at the end of each lesson, only the scores for each lesson on the final results page.

Currently the final results page has the score (percent) and pass (percent) for the whole exam, but I'm not able to add the scores for each lesson on that same page. The only way I've been able to get the variables to show up is to add multiple results pages at the end of each section/lesson.

I tried adding multiple results pages and then jumping from the previous page to the next section, but it shows the results page anyway. Even if that worked it would be kind of messy.

Any idea how I can make this work on a single results page at the end of the exam? I've attached a summary page done in Lectora that show final scores and from each lesson as a reference for what I'm trying to achieve.

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Peter Moore

Hi Ron.  I’ve just completed a lesson design with a summary topics screen at the end similar to what you are doing.  However, I did have to include a results screen at the end of each topic.  I’m not sure if it’s possible to exclude these, I don’t know a way.  These individual topic results screens to do not actually display the numerical result of each topic, they just present an indicator (tick or caution icon) plus a text comment, based on whether the student has  successfully completed that topic or not.  They don’t actually have to show anything, they could just be a message indicating the student has completed a topic or a message or splash screen introducing the next topic, and a ‘continue’ button.   The topic results screens do of course make storyline add a results score variable for each topic...which is recalled and displayed at the end of the lesson on the summary.  So...At the end of the lesson, there is a summary screen like what you show in your attachment.  I placed this after the final results screen...and placed a text message advising the student they could review their results for each topic. I hope this makes sense?   I don’t know if it’s helpful as I understand you are looking for a way to do this in a possibly more seemless way.  Best wishes.



Peter Moore

That might work, although if you add the trigger to fire off when the timeline starts you might see an unwanted screen flash happening.  I’ve found it best in my journey so far to create a specific bridging screen between topics that looks like it has a reason to be in the course.  And I agree with your sentiments on clunkiness, Its not all plain sailing and some things that you’d think should just be a built-in capability....aren’t there. Best wishes though on your project. I hope you find an elegant solution. 

Ron Franks

Yeah, that didn't work, but leaving the lesson results at the end of the lessons, and then adding triggers to submit the result and immediately jumping to the next lesson worked. I'll need to minimize the content to just the reference text for the score and change to color to match the background so any flashes are not noticeable. This should be fine. Thanks again for the reply!

Wendy Farmer

Hi Ron

I'm doing something similar with a four language project where I have 10 quiz questions per language that lead to one result slide and all users are touching those slides so I have an overlay shape with a logo and message on it e.g. calculating result or loading quiz...that displays while skipping the slides so the flash is less noticeable. It's a lot of triggers on each quiz slide depending on the language but the client is happy with it.  When I get a chance I'll do a demo file

Ron Franks

Thanks! For now I left the one reference text field for the score on the results pages for each lesson with the color matching the background, and deleted everything else. This eliminates any flashing when jumping at the start to the next page.

At some point we might want to utilize the lesson results pages for something useful, but this seems to be the best thing to do in the interim.

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