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Austin Thompson

I built some client content on Articulate 360 with the full intention of buying as an essential tool for my eLearning company.  Unfortunately, things have not worked out as planned and I have now accepted a job back in corporate.  As such, I can't justify the hefty Articulate 360 annual fees for something that I will hardly use.  I thought that I could simply downgrade the content to Articulate 2 as I already have a licenses for that.  How wrong I was!  


This lack of backwards compatibility means that I will have to rebuild all the content on SL2, which will take many hours.  I am so over Articulate as I also did not like the way they handled the HD screen size on SL2.  I get the feeling that Articulate puts profit before customer loyalty.

Matthew Bibby

That sounds really frustrating Austin.

How long will it take to rebuild everything in SL2? Because if it is going to be a huge time investment, you might want to consider upgrading to SL3 (which is a one-off charge rather than an ongoing subscription). But before doing so check the backwards compatibility details here, especially this important info about compatibility between SL360 and SL3.