Storyline 360 pick many using own feedback


I've spent a good while trying to solve this (I'm trying to re-create something in Storyline 360 that I made in Flash about 20 years ago) and am still unsure as to what's going wrong.

I have 5 2 state buttons (normal/selected) and yet when i submit the 'pick many' interaction (using my own 'proceed' button) and then try and show the detailed feedback layers, it always shows the 'right' layers, even if the button is in the wrong state. The only 'wrong' layer that shows correctly is for the button that is correct if it's in the selected state.

The totally right answer (which should get you all blue feedback) is to only have 'Is equivalent to a customer segment' greyed out. 

But, if you do the inverse (i.e. everything apart from that one greyed out) then you still see blue feedback (except for the 'Is equivalent...' button which works as expected).

Can anyone please help me unpick what's going wrong?


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Nigel! Happy to help you sort this out.

I noticed you have triggers with conditions that say "if text box = Normal". This condition doesn't always work the way you would expect.

To fix this, simply change those conditions to say "if text box does not = Selected." Here's an example:

I made those changes in your file and attached it to this discussion. Take a look and let me know what you think!