Storyline 360 Player & "Scenes" in SCORM publication

I am new to Articulate 360 and especially Storyline 360. I have published a number of courses to clients in Rise 360 and have a decent grasp of it, but need help with SL360. Couple questions...

1) When I publish SL360 to my LMS using SCORM, will my clients see the SL360 Player as they navigate through the course on the LMS?

2) When I teach courses in person I call the individual parts of the course "modules" and each module is completed with a knowledge check quiz. In Rise 360 they're created/separated as "Lessons" with the quiz built in. At the end I create a final exam within the LMS to have better reporting of the response beyond simply Pass/Fail. In SL360 would these be listed separately by Scenes? And if so, could the Scenes be set up in the SCORM that the student would need to complete the Scenes in order?

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Tyler Braddick

Hi Marty, 

These are both great questions. If you want a little more information regarding publishing and all the options it has please check out Storyline 360: Publishing a Course for LMS Distribution

For your first question, the player refers to the frame around your slide content, so it is always "visible", but you can modify what is shown in that frame. These options are accessible by clicking on the text next to "Player:" when publishing (see below)

Publish Properties

Once you click on where it says, in this case, Modern - Storyline Player you'll be met with a lot more options under the Player Properties window as seen below.

Player Properties

Here you can turn off certain sections of the player, disable menus and controls, colors and so on. There is a lot more information that can be found in the user guide section Storyline 360: Working with the Player

For your second question, each scene could be treated as a lesson. However, to disallow users from moving from scene to scene without completing previous scenes, I would recommend disabling the Sidebar Menu under Player Tabs. Just make sure you have a way at the end of each lesson for the user to move to the next scene (lesson) and then it will go in order. 

It also might be a good idea to reach out to your LMS for support with publishing as they may require certain settings to be applied during the publishing of your project.

I hope all this helps and please let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank You,