Storyline 360: Printing slides as flashcards from within a course

Hello, I am new to Articulate and Storyline 360. I'm using the trial version, working through the tutorials, and working on my own project. Love the software so far.

I was wondering if it is possible to have an option where you can choose a slide, or set of slides, and have them print as flashcards while running the same course. I have some slides where users see a word, hear a definition, and see a supporting visual. There are other parts, but it would be amazing if at some point I could set up an option where users, while in the course, choose slides to print out as flashcards to review while they are not online.

Thanks for your help!

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Rick!  Welcome to the Articulate family!  😃

Since you would like to have more of a flashcard feel, would it be feasible to copy the terms into a Word document and attach that to the course as a resource?  It might look a little cleaner than trying to do 'print screen' from viewing the slides.

Rick Hulbert

Hi Crystal, thanks for the reply. :)

The problem is that a good portion of  my target audience does not have strong digital literacy skills, so I want to make everything as intuitive and as obvious as possible. I also want to minimize the cognitive drain upon learners; they are second/additional language learners, some with interrupted or no education, and I want them to think about the content of the course and not navigating the course as much as possible. For the average, educated learner, asking them to navigate to a resource section to print is relatively simple, but for certain types of learners I may be working with, while they can certainly do it with effort, it can be a frustrating and time consuming experience which may taint the e-learning experience to the point where a few learners may choose to disengage (in the most extreme situations). I am really trying to create a seamless learning experience where as much learning regarding the target content and not the medium used to present the target content.

If I can't do this, I can probably find a way to minimize navigation because Articulate seems pretty flexible, but still, having the ability to select a slide to print as a flashcard while you're going through the course would be great.

Thanks again!

Brett Rockwood

I think Crystal's suggestion is a good one because printing the screen, while possible with a simple javascript, can produce unpredictable results depending on printer set up, etc. Only thing I'd add is I would create the flash cards in PowerPoint or some other program and save it as a PDF. Then just put a button on screen wherever needed that says "Get Flashcards" and add a trigger to open the PDF. That way you can precisely control how your cards look and they should print very nicely from the PDF.