Storyline 360 problem in Launch_Story.exe - Adobe Flash Player Settings?

Hi everyone! 

We're experiencing a weird problem with some content published for CD. So we can access the the Launch_Story.exe file and view all of the course  without any problems except for one slide (pictured below). When a user came to this slide, this message appeared. 

I know that you need a Flash player to view the CD output, but why would this message appear half way through the course if, presumably, a Flash player must have been enabled for the user to even open the course in the first place. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!


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Ali Goulet

Hey Shannon!

Thanks for sharing that screenshot- that's a new one for me! We did recently make a change with Storyline 360 where the published for CD output is now HTML5, so Flash Player wouldn't need to be installed. Are you running the latest update

If so, I'm curious to see if this could be what's coming into play here depending on what that slide contains. Can you share your unpublished .story project file here so I can do some testing with it?  You can add it as an attachment right to a comment here.

Also- where is the published output saved to that the learners are accessing? Is it right on their local computer itself (C:Drive or Desktop) or are they launching it from a network/shared drive?

Let me know!