Storyline 360: Problem with Importing PowerPoint Slides Tutorial


I downloaded a trial version of Articulate 360 and am currently working through the tutorials. For some reason I am unable to import the PowerPoint practice file (VentureX) into Storyline. I receive an error report telling me to click to find out why I can't import the slides. 

I have the Microsoft Office 365 annual subscription. Is this a problem? I was also unable to use Studio Presenter. 

Thank you!


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Katie Riggio

Good morning, Kandice! Sorry you've come across this import issue–let's get that sorted!

To start, here are some common reasons why a PowerPoint import may fail. If everything looks a-ok, can you help me with:

  • Are you able to open the PowerPoint file on its own? 
  • Do you hit this notice with a new PowerPoint file, or does it only happen with this particular one?
  • Can you share a screenshot of the error message(s) you're seeing in Storyline and Presenter?
  • Can you share the troublesome .pptx file here for me to test out? You can also share it privately with me here!

Let me know! ☺️

Kandice Kidd

Hi Katie,

Thank you so much for responding to me.

1.) I am able to open the PowerPoint up on its' own. I only experience
problems when I try to import into Storyline.

2.) I'm unable to import any of my PPT files into Storyline.

3.) I'm unable to open up my internet on my laptop at work to send the
screen shot, but the error says

"Failed to import PowerPoint Presentation. The presentation
'C:\Users\kandi\onedrive\Documents\My Articulate Projects\Articulate
Storyline 360 Practice Files\PowerPoint\venturetech.pptx' could not be
imported. Find out why here

I did go to Microsoft Word apps on my computer and hit repair and restart,
but I'm still getting the error message.

Thank you!

Katie Riggio

Good morning, Kandice–and thanks for the extra detail!

Ah, that's correct. Click-to-Run versions and Office 365 web apps are not supported, but local versions of Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 or later (32-bit or 64-bit) are. Here's how you can find your exact Microsoft Office version details.

Are you able to open and save the PowerPoint file on another computer that has a local version of PowerPoint installed? If not, we're happy to lend a hand with the import if you don't mind sharing your PowerPoint file(s) with us here ☺️

Kandice Kidd

Hi Katie!

I'll be sure to send you the file as soon as I get home. It's actually one
of the practice files from the tutorials that you all offer. I'm obsessed
with the tutorials.

I do have a question: does having Office 365 mean that I really wouldn't be
able to use PowerPoint with Storyline or Presenter 360? I need to determine
if I should buy it, but that's kind of a concern.

Thank you!

Katie Riggio

Hi, Kandice. Sounds like a plan, and glad to hear you're digging our resources! They also helped me out a lot during my training days–and still do to this day!

..and great question! Does your Office 365 plan also include local installation of PowerPoint, Word, etc.? If yes, as long as you're utilizing the software locally and not just the online/web app portion, you should be fine with Office 365. Check out this handy chart that lists system requirements for every Articulate 360 app.

Kandice Kidd

Thank you, Katie.

Yes, I found PowerPoint in my programs that way. Do you think it could be
that my PPT slides save by default to one drive? Microsoft's cloud?

I also have Office 365 the annual subscription and I read this is a cloud
based service. Is that an issue?

I also attached the Storyline Practice PowerPoint that I'm trying to work
with for the tutorial.

Thank you!

Katie Riggio

Good morning, Kandice!

In addition to installing PowerPoint locally, it's best practice to edit and publish files locally as well to avoid unexpected behavior–typically your C: drive. You can back up projects to OneDrive–the cloud storage for Office 365, though!

Yikes, it looks like the attachment didn't come through here. Could you click here to open our discussion and then use the Add Attachment button. Or, click here to send it privately to our Support team. Thanks!

Katie Riggio

Thanks, Kandice! I ran a test and was able to import the entire venturetech.pptx file to Storyline–here's what I saw and I've attached the .story file that has the imported slides here.

Since you've already gone through multiple troubleshooting steps to no avail, I'd like to connect you with our Support Engineers. I've opened a case on your behalf, so be on the lookout for an email with some next steps–we'll get to the bottom of this!

Kandice Kidd

Hi Katie!

Thanks for you all your help last week. I think I may have figured out
what's going on. I uninstalled and reinstalled my Office 365 software and
it appears that the Office 365 version that I have is a click to run
version. I read on your site that these do not work with Articulate. Is
that correct?

Thank you!

Sara G

I am experiencing the issue reported here with importing. The PPT is saved locally, and not in onedrive. In this troubleshooting article (, it reads "Office 365 (desktop apps only)" is supported. I have  a new laptop with Windows 10 and the Office desktop apps but I do see my version notes click-to-run. I know it's the desktop app because I can find the programs in my windows search bar. Is there another Office 365 desktop app version that is not click-to-run? Or are they all click-to-run?

Ellen Turner

Hello, I am on a Mac and recently installed Parallels software, Windows 10, and articulate 360 products. I am going through the storyline training on (now linked in), but I can't import the powerpoint exercise files. According to the Parallels settings, I am sharing MS Powerpoint (for Mac, V 16.26 via Office 365 subscription) with Windows. I have also tried importing other Ppt files, but no luck. My PPT application resides on my desktop. Any help you can give that allows me to import ppt files to storyline would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Katie Riggio

Hello, Ellen!

It sounds like you're using a local version of Office 365, but are still able to import your presentations. So sorry about that!

A few clarifying questions to help me explore our next steps:

  • Are the PowerPoint files saved on your local hard drive (typically the C: drive)?
  • Do you have Microsoft Office installed on the Windows side?

We'll get to the bottom of this together!