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Nov 17, 2017

Hello, I have a problem with reviewing my quiz. When I use this button, I can go back to the questions. By question 1 and 2 I see a green or red rectangle with the text right/wrong. For the correct answer there is a green check mark.

But from question 3 and further there is no green or red rectangle and there isn't a check mark for the correct answer. Do you know what could be the reason that there is a difference between the first 2 questions and the other questions of the quiz?

Thanks in advance!


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Marieta,

Thanks for sharing your file! I see the same thing you described. After question 2, the correct/incorrect feedback does not appear during quiz review. 

I had a close look at your settings, and I didn't see anything that would cause this problem, so I'd like to share this with our Support Engineers to investigate further. I've opened a case for you, and you'll hear back from the team soon!

Gerry McAteer

Hi Alyssa, Did you find an answer for this issue?

I have something similar, I have the review button on the success feedback on the results slide (the user has passed but had a couple of questions incorrect so the user can view the correct answers for those questions). When you click on the review button you are taken to Q1 the answers are shown however the feedback layer is missing!  The issue is that the user cannot advance to the next question or escape from the review.

(the correct/incorrect banner is displayed along the bottom)

Marieta Plattel


I've got the same problem in the past and this was the helpful answer I got
from Articulate, complete with video to show the problem:

*I understand that you have a couple of question slides that is showing a
feedback on the bottom of the slide when the quiz is in Review mode.Thank
you for a copy of the project file. I inspected it and it seems the first
two question slides are using a different layout compared to the others.
Please see the attached screen recording.What you can do is to make sure
that you have the same layout. I did apply the same layout in your two
questions however the answers disappeared. You may have to recreate the two
question slides in the way you originally did them, or perhaps duplicate
the third question. It is up to you, just make sure you have the same
layout used.*

I hope this will help you also!

Kind regards,

Katie Riggio

Hello, eugenio. Sorry you're running into the same roadblock!

If you're still stuck after going through the steps Marieta took, please let our Support team know. With your permission, they'll do a deep dive on your setup and let you know what they find.

Click here to open a case, and be sure to share your case number here so I can follow along!

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