Storyline 360 Published for Web and Apple Products

Hi there,

I've created a Storyline 360 project with just one video in one scene. We published it for web with HTML5 with Flash fallback as the format. 

When we publish it to our college's website, we can view it fine in a web browser, but when we try to view it on an iPhone or iPad, nothing loads. 

I selected the options of "Use Articulate Mobile Player for iOS and Android". Then, I tried uploading it without those options selected; no luck with either.

Does anybody have any experience with this, or any suggestions of how to remedy it?

Much appreciated,


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Ron Price

Hello Meg,

Sorry for the issues.  You would not need to select the Articulate Mobile Player for this to work.  In 360, that really only comes into play for "offline" viewing.

Have you tried publishing to Articulate 360 and send yourself the share link?  If this works on your phone, then we at least know the course is working on mobile.

What type of video were you inserting?  (avi, wmv, swf, mp4, ?)


Meg Scrimgeour

Hi Ron,

Thank you so much for your quick reply. We've tested it in a live link on both an iPad and iPhone and we were able to successfully view the video on both. The video is in mp4 format. Since we know now that the video isn't the issue, is there something else you could suggest? 

If it's any help, here is a live link to what we're trying to publish:

This is where it's currently posted on the website where we can successfully view it on a desktop or laptop computer, but can't view it on an iPad or iPhone:

Thanks again,


Ashley Terwilliger

Thanks for the links Meg. The Articulate Review link allowed me to play the video - another good indication that it's not the video or the course itself that's causing difficulty. When trying to load the link that one wouldn't even load the first screen.

Have you looked at testing it in any other web servers to help narrow down the playback issue? For example you could upload to Tempshare  which is a free testing platform for web published content. You could also use Amazon S3. 

If you'd like to share the .story file here with us, we can also give that one a test ourselves by publishing and uploading to a site such as Tempshare.