Storyline 360 - published scorm1.2 into Moodle

Nov 20, 2018

Hi, I have published an e-learning, scormpackage 1.2 including quiz into Moodle.

After completing the course in Moodle with 100% score (that's the "rule") I can't get an complete status in Moodle.  

Every E-learning I have published into Moodle without quiz is given me a completion status after finish.

So it seems that this issue only regards e-learning with quiz.

Has anybody had the same issue?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Astrid and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

Thanks for reaching out and letting us know that you're running into trouble with your project reporting correctly in Moodle. 

It sounds like this may be your first course with a quiz in it (YAY!), and we'd be happy to help you troubleshoot.

A great way to see if the issue lies within the project or the LMS is to test in SCORM Cloud. If you are able to replicate in SCORM Cloud, then we would certainly want to take a look at your .story file. If you are unable to replicate, we would recommend following up with your LMS team.

If you need help testing, you can share the .story file for us to take a look at for you too :)

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