Storyline 360 published to TIN CAN will not allow learner to retake couse

Feb 22, 2017

Hey all,

Curious to know if anyone has experienced the following.

Course developed in Storyline 360, published html5 to TIN CAN using slides viewed as tracking. Uploaded course to SABA cloud (viewing on Google Chrome and tested on iPad), learner is able to access the course, but if they exit out and try to go in to complete, they get a blank white screen.

If you complete the course on the first try and go to open it again, you receive this same white screen.

The only solution we found was to publish to SCORM 1.2 (as opposed to TIN CAN). 

I've attached a video which shows me accessing the course, exiting and going back in to the white screen.

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Sheri Israel-Duarte

Hey Leslie,

We were previously publishing to TIN CAN when developing with Storyline 2. We have a development site that courses are tested on before moving to production. The issue is in both our development site and in production.

Now that we've upgraded to 360 this is the first course that has been published. We've never experienced this issue following the same publishing steps/using the same settings in SL2.

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Sheri - Thank you for sharing your file and allowing me to take a look. I published the file via LMS with Tin Can API and left the HTML5 only setting previously set by you. When resuming the course, it seems to be working as expected for me. Can you take a peek at my published output here and let me know if you experience any difficulty?

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