Storyline 360 Publishing to Incorrect Location

For the last week or 2 I have been in a constant fight with SL360 to get it to update the correct project. I will select to update "Module 2" and when my Publish Successful notification pops up I am informed that it has in fact updated "Module 8" or 7 or 3 or some other random version. So far we've been lucky in that it's only actually affected our Internal links, but it's only a matter of time before one of our external ones, for client QA, are suddenly replaced with something completely random.


Has anyone else run into this? [note: i've submitted a case to Support]

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Matthew Bibby

What version of Storyline are you running? Are you using the latest update?

There was an issue 10 months ago that resulted in project titles, LMS identifiers etc. being overwritten by other projects. Which sounds similar to what is happening to you.

This issue was resolved, but perhaps \ the bug has popped its head up again?

Nathan Wieler

I regularly check Articulate 360 for updates, especially when something starts glitching. This particular issue has persisted through multiple updates and is occurring in multiple files. In one particular case when I select the publish location from the drop down menu it displays half a dozen locations that have never been exported to from that file as recent export locations from the file!