Storyline 360 Quiz Question

I have a number of quizzes which have been set up and all have similar settings in place, which are:

  • Randomly selecting a number of questions from a question bank
  • Feedback by question
  • Shuffle answers
  • Score by question
  • Attempts unlimited

In some instances I have used the standard feedback for correct/incorrect and in others I have added specific feedback in the correct/incorrect fields.

When a learner completes the quiz, they aren't able to continue to the next question until they get it correct - which is not difficult if it is a true/false question!

Is there a way to allow learners to work all the way through the quiz and only be told at the end if they have passed/failed and at that point forcing them to retry and therefore possibly have a new set of randomised questions? I thought that there was, but I now can't seem to get that set up.

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Elaine Cottam

Hi Sam, I thought of that myself this morning, so the fact that you have suggested it helps. I have just done that and initially it didn't allow me to retry taking the quiz, but I then discovered that the trigger on the retry button wasn't working, so having fixed that, it appears to work.

Thanks for the suggestion.